Working Systems Cooperative - LaborPower Systems
Our WhoopDeDupe employer payroll deduction file processing service is fully integrated with LaborPower, including interactive member reconciliation and direct posting of both member deduction data and a full range of general member update data to the LaborPower database. LaborPower is used by over 750 labor unions nationally, and it offers a very extensive well designed data architecture and very friendly membership and dues administration features.
SmartSoftDQ - CASS API Service
The combination of WhoopDeDupe data capture, cleanse and dedupe capabilities with SmartSoftDQ's CASS Certified™ address verification and correction API is very powerful. Our clients have benefited from this industry-leading software that standardizes addresses across entire databases, which we highly recommend. Running SmartSoftDQ's CASS Certified™ address quality service on all employer payroll and member update data files prior to uploading to the local membership database is absolutely essential because of the reduction of both bad addresses and duplicate member records in the membership database.
TargetSmart - Data Append Service
We recommend TargetSmart data services to all of our clients requiring either the acquisition of target data or data enrichment service. TargetSmart is a truly unparalleled company and service provider. WhoopDeDupe has incorporated TargetSmart voter ID and Geocode assignment API services for our Democratic State Party implementations for many years. The reliability and speed of the TargetSmart API services is tremendous.
Action Network - Progressive Mobilization Platform
Through our work with the AFL-CIO we have been introduced to Action Network, and we are excited about plans to add new features to WhoopDeDupe to post data in a normalized format directly to the Action Network platform - for all of our clients. Action Network has risen to the top as a very popular mobilization platform across the progressive movement.